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Revolutionize Your SIEM Strategy

The internet is ever-expanding and exabytes of data across disparate sources make data ingestion volume unbearable for traditional security tools. Security teams need solutions that can keep up with big data and provide dependable security analytics that is built with speed, scale, and flexibility in mind in order to operate efficiently and effectively. 

Your data, your peace of mind! It's time to rethink your strategy and build a sustainable approach that allows teams to forward data into a single, scalable location, and normalize it for detection and investigations to meet the growing needs of security pros who face new and emerging threats.

Former Gartner Analyst, and security industry expert, Brad LaPorte discusses how to: 

  • Revolutionize your SIEM capabilities to scale infinitely with high-scale data 
  • Reduce cost and boost capabilities with serverless architecture
  • Leverage tailored security analytics to fine-tune threat detection programs 


Brad LaPorte

Brad LaPorte

Former Gartner Analyst & Cybersecurity Industry Expert

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