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Panther + Snowflake: The Evolution of SIEM Data Architectures

SIEM came into existence because data had a security problem; however, as the volume of data organizations parse and alert on increases exponentially, it has become clear that now security has a data problem.

Join Panther, Snowflake, and Workrise as we discuss the evolution of SIEM data architectures over the past two decades and best practices for deploying real-time detections and leveraging a Security Data Lake to improve security posture.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how a Security Data Lake can handle large volumes of data efficiently.
  • Discover the techniques for real-time detections to identify threats instantly.
  • Understand the importance of conducting searches in seconds for investigations and threat hunting.

Join us to understand the importance of staying on top of evolving security threats and the solutions to address them.



Ken Westin

Ken Westin

Field CISO @ Panther
Omer Singer

Omer Singer

Head of Cybersecurity Strategy @ Snowflake
Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

Director, Security Engineering @ Workrise

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