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Mitigating Advanced Threats in Real-Time at Cloud Scale

As organizations continue to shift their workloads to the cloud, the volume, velocity and variety of data generated has increased exponentially, making it increasingly challenging to detect and respond to threats at scale. Legacy approaches to security log ingest, detection, and analysis are no longer sufficient, or cost effective. These outdated approaches were designed for on-premise networks, or siloed data centers in the realm of corporate IT. In this webinar we will discuss the evolution of SIEM from on-prem to the Cloud and how SIEM is being reshaped to handle this shift.  

In this webinar attendees will learn:

  • How SIEM has evolved to meet the demands of cloud data
  • How Detection-as-Code is applied to write detections specifically for Cloud environments
  • Techniques for ingesting high volume log sources and applying real time detections at scale


Ken Westin

Ken Westin

Field CISO @ Panther
Ed Anderson

Ed Anderson

Security Engineer @ Panther

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