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SSH Best Practices with Panther and Teleport

Should you add more tools to beef up your infrastructure security? How about making the tools you already have work better?.

In this webinar, we give you a practical demo of how to improve and simplify infrastructure security by using the next generation of open source tools — Teleport and Panther. You will learn how to SSH properly and discover why certificate authorities are a must-have. You will also learn how to audit that activity and what to do with those audit logs once you have them.

Watch this on demand webinar to:

  • SSH properly and use certificates for SSH, not public/private key pairs
  • Use a proxy or SSH bastion
  • Derive your identity from a centralized database (SSO)
  • Collect and centralize important security data
  • Detect threats and take action


Ev Kontsevoy

Ev Kontsevoy

CEO @ Gravitational


Jack Naglieri

Jack Naglieri

Founder, CTO @ Panther Labs
Gus Luxton

Gus Luxton

DevOps Engineer @ Gravitational

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