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How to Implement Effective Security Monitoring for AWS

Detecting and responding to threats before they cause serious problems is paramount to any security operations team. Effective threat hunting can reduce the time from intrusion to discovery, mitigating the damage done by attackers. However, modern cloud environments challenge defenders with high volumes of data to be analyzed.

Consider AWS. With over 200+ services that generate event and log data in various formats and types, identifying and detecting threats has become exceedingly complex.

In this webinar, we will walk through real-world examples of AWS security threats along with practical steps to ensure you can proactively defend against them.

Join Carrie Pascale and Holly Benac, Senior Solutions Engineers at Panther Labs, as they cover:

  • Critical AWS log sources to collect and what you can learn from each
  • How to leverage learnings from threat-hunting to build proactive monitoring
  • Demonstration of real-world threat hunting scenarios in AWS


Holly Benac

Holly Benac

Senior Solutions Engineer
Carrie Pascale

Carrie Pascale

Product Manager, Ingestion @ Panther

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