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How to Detect and Investigate Threats with Panther

Security teams are inundated with data from cloud applications, making it difficult to manage security-relevant data, and detect threats across massive data sets.

What if you had a platform that could ingest petabytes of unstructured security data and turn it into a structured data lake to power security monitoring at scale? Panther does just this, providing a fast, flexible and scalable platform for threat detection and response.

​​Join Panther, where we will walk you through real threat detection scenarios to show you have you can:

  • Gain visibility into all security-relevant data
  • Detect threats in real-time with analysis of streaming data
  • Reduce noise with high-fidelity, Python-based detections
  • Power investigations with fast queries on normalized data


Mikel Hoffman

Mikel Hoffman

Commercial Account Executive
Brandon Min

Brandon Min

Technical Marketing @ Panther

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