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How Better Tools Lead to Better Threat Detection and Response

The biggest challenges that security teams face today all stem from the same root cause:   an exponential increase in data, leading to high operational overhead, cost, and alert volumes. They need the right resources, like platforms made for cloud-scale data ingestion, developer-centric processes, and easy automation to reduce the barriers to efficiency they're hindered by today.

With the right tools and mindset, security teams can transform into modern detection teams who can keep their organization safe while increasing team efficiency, reducing overhead, and ensuring fast detection of threats.

Join Panther to learn what security teams need to know about the future of detection at scale. In this webinar, you will learn about how to: 

  • Embrace developer-centric principles for writing, testing, and tuning detections 
  • Avoid false positives and speed response with enrichment and automation 
  • Gain fast time-to-value with easy onboarding and normalization of logs


Zeeshan Khadim

Zeeshan Khadim

Head of Security
Holly Benac

Holly Benac

Senior Solutions Engineer

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