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Automating Detection and Response with Panther and Tines

Security teams are overloaded with overhead tasks that greatly slow down the speed at which they can respond to threats. Detections can take weeks or even a month to deploy, and even when they do work, the alerts are tedious to respond to. Security Professionals are drowning to manage detections with rudimentary limitations as well as triaging an overbearing amount of alerts manually. 

What if there was a way to use multiple tools together, to alleviate the pain of security operations and response? With Panther and Tines, security teams have the ability to write powerful detections in a CI/CD workflow and then automate response workloads for common security use cases. 

​​Join Panther and Tines, where we will walk you through real threat detection scenarios and learn how to: 

  • Write, manage, and rollback detections for your SIEM
  • Create high-fidelity alerts with threat intelligence platforms
  • Automate common response workflows like endpoint detection & response and phishing response
  • Combine these workflows for a responsive and robust security posture


Brandon Min

Brandon Min

Technical Marketing @ Panther
Nick Kuligoski

Nick Kuligoski

Staff Solutions Engineer @ Panther
Eoin Magner

Eoin Magner

Customer Success Engineer @ Tines

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