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ActBlue Builds a Scalable Data Pipeline to Empower Their Security Engineers with Panther

Building a robust, maintainable, performant data pipeline is complex. AWS infrastructure creates a tremendous amount of log data that needs to be collected and organized, and security teams are increasingly tasked with creating and maintaining a secure data pipeline. Teams are asked to “be data-driven,” onboard a SIEM, ensure clean, tagged data is flowing, deploy detections, and confirm they are working continuously - all while staying within budget.

Security teams must implement a modern, scalable detection, response, and analytics platform to make this mandate a reality.

For ActBlue, Panther is that platform. Join Panther and ActBlue as we dig into a few specific decisions the ActBlue team made from day one to deploy a robust, maintainable, and performant data platform that would support their entire infosec program. These decisions include:

  • Leveraging out-of-the-box schemas and detections for AWS environments
  • Detection-as-Code from day one
  • CI/CD orchestrations for detection and configurations
  • Data pipeline health monitoring and maintenance
  • Schema first all the things


Ted Kietzman

Ted Kietzman

Product Marketing Manager
Rajendra Umadas

Rajendra Umadas

Senior Platform Security Manager

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