Solution Briefs

Security Data Lake With Snowflake And Panther

A modern approach to security leveraging data lakes and detection-as-code.

Security Data Lake

Turn your Snowflake into a SIEM with structured and normalized security data, real-time alerts, and serverless scale


Build scalable and automated processes for writing and hardening detections that identify sophisticated threats across your rapidly expanding environment.

Data Normalization and Parsing

Parse, normalize, and analyze security data in real-time as it streams into your Snowflake for long-term, affordable retention and powerful investigations.

Automate Control Validation

Leverage additional data sets in Snowflake like threat intelligence and HR data for advanced correlations and automated control validation.

Analytics at Scale

Perform big data analytics and use dedicated visualization tools like Tableau and Sigma for true at-a-glance visibility into baselines and anomalies.