Thomas Owen of Grafana on Why Enabled Autonomy is the Future of Modern Security Teams

Thomas Owen is CISO at Grafana and an advisor to startups who helped build the security team at Snyk and is especially excited about fostering conversations around ethics, sustainability, mental health, and inclusivity. 


A cloud-native, innovative and strategic security leader with a blend of people, policy and technical experience and a strong product affinity, Thomas and Jack discuss how to build a team from the ground up, the attributes of a modern security team, how to gauge value of security, and his advice for practitioners around basic hygiene. 


Topics include: 

  • How Thomas builds functions from the ground up 
  • How to think about functional areas from very early on in the team 
  • Practical applications of using GRF for security and the elements that should be looked at 
  • The three biggest challenges with modern data security
  • The pros, cons, and use cases of open source in security at scale 
  • The difference between engineers building features and products solving problems 
  • Modern security: telemetry, analysis, and what do you do about it
  • The ROI of security and how to gauge value 
  • Latest trends in high-scale monitoring 
  • Why ‘enabled autonomy’ is critical in a modern security team  
  • 3 pieces of actionable advice for practitioners looking to succeed at detection at scale 


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