Episode 19

SC Magazine’s Joe Uchill on What It’s Like to be a Cybersecurity Reporter in 2022

Joe Uchill is a Senior Reporter at SC Magazine — the leading trade publication for the cybersecurity industry. Prior to joining SC Magazine in 2020, Joe was a cybersecurity reporter at outlets including Axios and The Hill.

Today’s episode is the first in our mini-series dedicated to interviewing leading cybersecurity journalists.

Cybersecurity reporting plays an important role for practitioners, leaders, and the general public to understand recent breaches, latest malware trends, and best practices that can help us all stay safe on the internet. Our goal with this series is to help our audience learn more about who these journalists are and what it's like to be a reporter in this fast-changing industry.

Topics discussed:

  • How Joe began covering cybersecurity in 2015 and how the landscape has evolved over the past few years.
  • Joe’s favorite story he’s covered since he began covering the space in 2015.
  • What motivates and excites Joe most about cybersecurity.
  • How Joe feels about the responsibility journalists have when it comes to keeping the public and security community informed.
  • What trends Joe feels people should be paying attention to when it comes to the future of cybersecurity.

To keep up with Joe’s latest reporting, join him on twitter at https://twitter.com/JoeUchill

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