Episode 12

Rumble’s Chris Kirsch: How Asset Discovery Can Help with Detection and Response

Have you ever thought you could find more assets in your network that you thought you would have? Do you have segments that haven't been scanned yet? Or maybe subnets that you have ignored?

These and much more is what asset discovery brings to the table to any security team, helping to prevent the next big incident.

In today's episode we sat down with Chris Kirsch, CEO and co-founder of Rumble and chatted about why covering the basics, like having a full inventory of your network with all the managed and unmanaged devices, is a best practice to secure any environment.


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Rumble's founding story and background
  • Why Rumble's engine is very bening to the network
  • Where customers that migrate to Rumble come from
  • Why vulnerability scanners don't tell much about what a particular asset is
  • A two point approach for asset discovery in a cloud environment
  • How customers use Rumble in a response situation
  • 3 Pieces of advice to succeed at asset management and device security in the future.

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