Episode 15

r2c’s Clint Gibler: How To Succeed in AppSec at Scale

Clint Gibler is the Head of Security Research for r2c, the company behind SEMGREP, a popular open-source static analysis security scanning tool used by teams all over the world.

He joined r2c to help build and shape the future of AppSec; one that includes secure defaults along with lightweight enforcement of those defaults.

In today's episode, Clint talks about SEMGREP, operationalization of tools for security teams, intersection between AppSec and D&R as well as tips to succeed in AppSec at scale.  

More topics discussed in this episode:

  • SEMGREP's origin story and benefits
  • The security startup creation pattern of recent years
  • Trend shift to developers operating security problems at scale
  • r2c's mission and products in addition to open source
  • How application logs are useful in detection and response
  • Type of vulnerabilities Clint is seeing more often
  • Application security developments he is most excited about


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