Episode 10

Netflix’s Srinath Kuruvadi: Securing The Cloud Footprint With an Adaptive, Agile, and People Leadership Approach

Securing the environment and scaling operations of the world's leading streaming entertainment service is massive.

Srinath Kuruvadi is the head of cloud infrastructure security at Netflix. Before Netflix, he spent more than 15 years building security solutions and leading teams at Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Lyft, and Mapbox.

In today's episode, he shares how his leadership skills have evolved over time, where he puts his focus when approaching infrastructure security, and what he believes are the key ingredients any security team should have today.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Srinath got his start in security and landed as head of infrastructure cloud security at Netflix 
  • Lessons in leading a team that’s 10+ years old
  • ConsoleMe and why they built it
  • Srinath’s unique approach to infrastructure security
  • Why ‘people challenges’ carry more weight than ‘technical challenges’ when it comes to infrastructure security
  • Why security teams should seek out the open source tools big tech companies use
  • His take on trends and tools in the cloud security space
  • 3 pieces of advice to succeed in detection at scale

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