Episode 23

Mike Saxton of Booz Allen on Where Teams Start in Their Detection Journey and How Detection as Code is Bridging the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Mike Saxton is Technical Director of Defensive Cyber Operations at Booz Allen Hamilton. His primary focus is on implementing technical solutions to protect against vulnerabilities, exploit software or hardware, data threats and other emerging risks that may threaten critical system operations. 

Not only an endurance athlete and classically trained musician, Mike is a long time proponent of detections as code and in today's episode he and Jack discuss everything from getting started on your detection journey, to broader cloud security adoption, the use of open source in government, and more! 

Topics include: 

  • How Mike went from the healthcare field to cybersecurity 
  • Where the government is in their shift to the cloud 
  • The zero-trust model and broader security adoption in the cloud space  
  • Where Mike thinks most teams start in their detection journey
  • Mike’s positive thoughts on closing the cybersecurity skills gap and how interviews for detection at scale competency  
  • The usage of open source there is in government 
  • How acquisition and new leadership is changing cybersecurity products and frameworks in government 
  • Why it’s critical to find a niche when working in cybersecurity 
  • His advice to get outside your comfort zone and not just push yourself, but push the industry as a whole

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