Episode 3

How to Build Scalable Security Teams with Cynthia Moore

'Don't make assumptions. Ask the question.'

That's what today’s guest advises to her team on how to differentiate what's normal from abnormal in an evolving threat environment.

Cynthia Moore is the Senior Director of Information Security at BlackLine but she started out in infrastructure operations building telecoms systems. Coming from a non-traditional security background has given Cynthia a true leverage and the versatility not only to better empathize with clients' needs but also to speak their language.

In today's episode, you will get to understand how the mindset of a great security leader works and learn her secret recipe on how to encourage teams to turn 'impossible' problems into possible outcomes.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The biggest differences in running security for Disney and BlackLine.
  • Building and staffing a team out in a cloud-based environment.
  • What challenges Cynthia is facing as a security leader in BlackLine.
  • How to detect, respond, and prevent breaches.
  • The value of having transparency and an open dialogue with clients in SaaS businesses.
  • How speaking a language that is not purely security helps empathize with clients and creates a feedback loop.
  • Cynthia’s thoughts on tools to be successful at scale.
  • Keys to augmenting your security team: outsourcing vs hiring.
  • How you don't always need to hire security people to do security.

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