Episode 32

Deloitte’s Dhruv Majumdar on How to Mature Your Detection and Response

On this week's episode of the Detection at Scale podcast, Jack talks with Dhruv Majumdar, Director, Cyber Risk & Advisory at Deloitte. They discuss common challenges when transitioning from a traditional SOC to a detection and response program, what questions to ask when building a threat modeling strategy, and the benefits data lakes can unlock for D&R. They also talk about how LLMs are helping detect exfiltration and –the need for security controls, policies, and good partnerships.

Topics discussed:

  • The common challenges that organizations face today when evolving their detection and response programs, including moving away from SOC and managing big data.
  • An overview of the maturity model and what organizations can follow to evolve their processes.
  • Two critical questions to ask that will guide your threat modeling strategy.
  • What big data "unlocks" for detection and response today, and what trade-offs there are in usability when moving to a data lake-backed architecture.
  • How LLMs can surface patterns in data that simplify detecting exfiltrations and how it can help with automation to prevent burnout.
  • Advice to security practitioners when transitioning to new strategies, including why you need "controls, controls, controls," and why you should take the simplest route to overcome a challenge. 

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