Episode 6

How Using Tools Can Help Promote Strong Cloud Infrastructure Security with Gilbert Martin

Not so long ago security was 'more manual' and therefore, riskier. Important systems would drift in their configuration, people would go on and change things manually.

Over the past decade, there has been a shift from tools that were doing infrastructure as code to immutable infrastructure. Technology now allows you to be updated, gives you the ability to retrain, and have a repeatable process.

Gilbert Martin is the Head of Cloud Security at OutSystems and a big believer in taking a developer-first approach to a lot of the things that we do in security. One of those is creating an image pipeline.

In today's episode, Gilbert walks us through the idea of how using the right tools can help you promote better cloud infrastructure security.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Gilbert’s background in security.
  • What the cloud environment was when he started.
  • How immutable infrastructure has helped remove unpredictability and insecurity.
  • Why it's important for any organization to have a software asset inventory.
  • Gilbert's approach to dealing with systems that he finds some issue/ violation.
  • How he uses Kubernetes and Serverless: pros and cons.
  • Why visibility is essential for doing security at scale.
  • Keys to interact with instant response teams.
  • How to succeed at applying cloud security at scale in the future.

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