Episode 9

The Value of Agility and Education For Scaling Security with Dropbox’s Matt Jezorek

How does anything scale as a leader?

For today's guest, security has always been a puzzle in which the only variable we do get to control is time; specifically, all the decisions that enable us to control how fast we detect threats.

Am I going to be agile with this tool? How fast can I deploy detection if something happens today? How many hours is it going to take me to understand if it happens again or if it's still happening?

These are some of the questions Matt Jezorek likes to ask himself. Matt is the Vice President of Security and Abuse at Dropbox, an Information Security Executive with multinational fortune 50 experience who can think like an attacker and still speak to the business.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Matt's background and his number one motivator: "taking care of his family"
  • What he enjoys the most about security (what he likes to call ‘The Grayness of Security’)
  • Why educating others can help scale your business
  • How Matt keeps up as a security leader
  • The value of agility in detection at scale
  • What he considers should be prioritized in automation and problem solving
  • How we maintain and continue with our customer trust
  • How Matt knows if he is doing a good job as a security leader: hygiene, aspirational and agile metrics.
  • How time is the only variable we can control
  • Lessons learned from bad management experiences
  • 3 pieces of actual advice for security teams that are working hard to protect customers

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