Episode 1

Operational Readiness and EDR with Brad LaPorte

Attackers are always ahead of the game and today you need more than having a lock on your front door. Modern security requires organizations to think outside the box, re-architect their environment, and be able to scale more efficiently and effectively.

In this first episode, we sat down with Brad LaPorte to discuss Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) in depth.

Brad has spent time in US Cyber Intelligence, large technology companies like IBM, research firm Gartner, and today as partner at High Tide Advisors a firm specializing in go-to-market consulting. Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Brad has seen endpoint detection and response evolve over the last 5 years.
  • How attackers are always well financed and resourced.
  • Organizations’ struggles with application control.
  • What caused the shift from AV to EDR products and tools.
  • How detection as code is critical for many reasons.
  • The biggest challenges Brad has seen when deploying EDR in a large organization.
  • The importance of educating your leadership, have a proper plan, use case, and assess your operational readiness when implementing EDR.
  • Recommendations for engineers looking to build their own version of an EDR platform.
  • Tools and technologies that Brad is paying attention to like zero trust architecture.
  • 3 pieces of advice for security teams looking to succeed at EDR at scale

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