Episode 14

Aston Martin’s Robin Smith: Advocating For Lean Security Programs

Robin Smith is the Head of Cyber and Information Security at Aston Martin and he brings a fresh and unique voice to the security industry.

He advocates for a lean, progressive security mindset where it's crucial thinking around processes to make sure that organizations are not unnecessarily wasting resources while committing to continuous improvement at the same time.

Tune in to learn more about what lean security is, why Robin has always seen security as an asset, and how you can embed that value into your organization.

Topic discussed in this episode:

  • How Robin arrived in information security.
  • Why he believes we need new voices in the industry.
  • The time he wrote 'The Lean Information Management Toolkit'.
  • Why he considers security as an asset and how to embed that value across an organization.
  • What the concept of lean security implies.
  • How lean security applies to security monitoring and detection.
  • Desired outcomes for security detection platforms.
  • Metrics for a lean security program.
  • The approach of practicality when deploying technology.
  • 3 Pieces of advice to succeed at effective detection at scale.


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