Episode 26

Adeel Saeed on How to Move from A Reactive to a Proactive Threat Detection & Response Model

Adeel Saeed is VP of Technology Strategy and Execution Management at Kyndryl and is a former CISO/CIO at large financial services companies, aviation companies, and more. 

Adeel is an experienced technology strategist and digital transformation leader with extensive hands-on technology and information security management experience and has led multiple large scale complex technology transformation projects. 

Topics include: 

  • How enabling your internal clients with the right tools and tech empowers them to serve their customer-base easier 
  • Tool consolidation, risk metrics, reporting analytics, and more of what Adeel is focusing on in the risk management environment
  • The experience that taught Adeel the most about practical security 
  • Why experience and exposure are the ultimate teachers 
  • Actionable steps to going from reactive to proactive in threat detection and response 
  • The benefits of fine tuned threat intelligence tools to better make risk-based judgements 
  • Why security is not an ivory tower, it’s part of the business
  • How security can better partner with business versus just being a component of it
  • Why gamification can be a great tool to engage the executive team
  • Standardization of all the data and the fundamental data problem 
  • What Adeel has been paying attention to in the market around detection
  • What true secure data governance looks like 
  • Adeels biggest challenge as a CISO, CSO, and overall security technology strategy leader 
  • How Covid helped shape business security and where it should be embedded 
  • Why it’s critical to position yourself as a business partner to your company 
  • Adeels tips for security leaders to succeed in the future of threat detection and response 


Keep in touch with Adeel on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/adeelsaeed/

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