Streamlined Search

We’re focused on helping you address any security question, whether general or specific, by quickly getting an answer that leverages all of your data in Panther. You can use our search features to explore indicators and fields across all of your log sources, or use templated queries for common use cases.

Your search results are displayed with a visual summary and a customizable table, which allow you to manipulate, filter, and drill-down into your results. Searches you conduct can be saved to continue investigations at a later point.

I did an email search against 34GB of historical data, it took less than a minute. In other places that would’ve taken much longer or probably cost much more money.

Raj Umadas, Director of Security at ActBlue

Data Lake Architecture

Panther is built on security data lake architecture, offering significantly improved cost, performance, and scalability compared to legacy SIEMs. By aggregating your normalized security data in a high-performance data lake, you can speed up queries and avoid computing resource constraints, and increase data storage and extend retention periods without breaking the bank.