Our Pricing

Panther has a price that fits your data needs. Our cloud-native, serverless architecture gives customers significant cost-efficiency advantages over traditional SIEM — with no hidden costs. We’ve listed example price points for selected amounts of data ingestion below:

$5,400 / Month

Analyze all your security data with up to 1 terabyte of ingestion every month

1TB / Month

$19,800 / Month

Analyze all your security data with up to 10 terabytes of ingestion every month

10TB / Month


Panther can support petabytes of data ingestion, without breaking the bank

PBs / Month

*Annual contract is required

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What’s Included

Data Retention

12 months (or more) of data retention in a cost-effective, high-performance Snowflake security data lake


Out-of-the box integrations to easily ingest and normalize logs from dozens of common cloud apps & infrastructure

Data Analysis

Elastically scale compute resources on-demand, as needed to support investigations, threat hunting, and ad hoc queries


All plans include access to technical support via Slack, email, and in-app messenger for 20 hours a day, 5 days a week

Built-in Detections

Includes over 400 customizable detections to cover common threat scenarios, and continuous updates and additions to keep up with emerging threats


Get up and running on day one, with a seamless onboarding experience guided by our customer success team

Panther Security

Deployment Options

Already Have Snowflake?

Great! We can create the Panther security data lake in your existing Snowflake environment so you can correlate security data from Panther with data from other systems across your business.

New to Snowflake?

No problem. Panther can create, provision and manage the Snowflake security data lake for you. If your organization deploys Snowflake in the future, we can easily move your Panther security data lake into your own Snowflake environment.

Detect any threat, anywhere with Panther

  • Effortless data ingestion and IoC normalizations
  • Zero ops overhead with serverless architecture
  • 400+ built-in detections for popular SaaS and on-prem apps
  • Detection-as-code in Python with CI/CD workflow
  • 12-month minimum data retention
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