Love at First SIEM

The first and only SIEM built for Detection-as-Code. Embrace DevSecOps excellence with Panther’s cloud-native architecture to scale infinitely with your cloud apps.

Built for speed, built for scale, built for you


of customers experienced better true positive to false positive ratios


reduction in average SIEM-related total cost of ownership


reduction in engineering hours required to deploy new detections to production

Detect Your First Threat In <1 Hour

Start ingesting all the data from your key log sources, such as AWS, GCP, Azure, and many more. Panther provides structured data in real-time helping fast-moving security teams achieve complete visibility, identify and prioritize threats, ease of use, and scalability to fit all your needs.

“With the ease of set-up, low maintenance overhead, and inexpensive storage we were able to focus on business building security insights, detections, and KPIs in very little time.”
Tim Kelly, Director, Security Engineering at Workrise

Ready to meet your true SIEM-mate this year?