Perform robust security investigations against a well-structured data lake powered by Snowflake, the industry’s most advanced cloud-data platform.

With Panther’s Snowflake integration, you can collect normalized security data in your Snowflake for affordable long-term retention. A Snowflake powered security data lake offers cloud-first organizations affordable long-term storage, a rich ecosystem of integrations, and massively scalable infrastructure to power investigations against years of data.

Use Cases

With Panther and Snowflake, you can:

  • Collect terabytes of normalized security data in Snowflake for affordable, long-term retention
  • Scale up your warehouse with the click of a button when you need to query months or years of data during an investigation
  • Join Panther data (e.g. alerts) with other data sources in your Snowflake in a single interface to assess the security posture of your organization.
  • Take advantage of Snowflake’s rich ecosystem of integrations to gain new insights from your security data.

How it Works

Panther uses Snowpipe to send data to your Snowflake cluster. The integration is fast and streamlined:

  • Configure the Panther with an AWS Secret for access
  • Configure Panther to ingest data into Snowflake
  • Update permissions and query data in Snowflake from Panther!

Learn how to configure your security data lake in Snowflake.

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