Continuously audit and monitor ALB (Application Load Balancers) configurations and enforce security compliance as code with Panther.

Application Load Balancers functions at the application layer of the OSI model and distributes incoming application traffic across multiple compute resources. Use Panther to track real-time changes to your ALB resources to ensure configurations meet your business requirements for security and compliance.

Monitoring ALB is critical for understanding the history of load changes and detecting suspicious activity. Use Panther’s built in policies for continuous monitoring of ALB resources, or write your own detections in Python to fit your internal business use cases.

Use Cases

Common security use cases for ALB with Panther include:

  • Validate that all application load balancers have an associated Web ACL to enforce protections against various web attacks

How it Works

The integration is simple and fast:

  • Connect your AWS account to Panther
  • A baseline scan is performed to identify all existing ALB’s in your account(s)
  • Built-in detections identify security issues
  • Alerts will be sent if non-compliant ALB’s exist

Use Panther to search all ALB’s in an account by name, view their compliance status, associated policies, and configured remediations.

AWS ALB Log Analysis

Panther can also collect, normalize, and analyze your ALB logs to detect suspicious activity in real time. Learn more about using Panther to analyze your AWS logs for security insights.

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