Kickoff automated remediation workflows using Panther’s Tines integration. With Panther and Tines, you can power better security outcomes across your organization and build a robust, end-to-end security pipeline using Python, SQL, and drag and drop automation workflows.

When your detections are triggered, Panther will send an alert to Tines. Tines will then initiate an automated response workflow that will check malicious activity and take necessary steps to improve the security of your organization.

How it Works

The integration is simple and fast:

  • Configure a webhook destination in Panther to send your alert to Tines
  • Trigger alerts based on issue severity, or configure specific detections to use this as an alert destination
  • Sit back and monitor the activity!

Watch our on demand webinar to learn how you can automate detection and response with Panther and Tines.

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