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Detection-as-code (DaC) is a modern, flexible, and structured approach to writing detections that apply software engineering best practices to security. This on-demand workshop is designed for security professionals who want to learn how to implement detection-as-code in their organization. Within this workshop, we cover the basics of detection-as-code, including its benefits, best practices, and the tools that can be used to implement it.

The On-Demand workshop includes 4 hands-on exercises, and you will have the opportunity to work through examples to gain practical experience with DaC. Participants will learn how to write custom detections with Python, validate them, and deploy them at scale with developer tools. We will also cover how to integrate DaC into existing security workflows and manage the detection lifecycle.

  • Form a solid understanding of DaC
  • Be equipped with the skills necessary to implement DaC in your organization
  • Learn practical techniques to improve your organizations security posture