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Nicolas Martin
Engineering Manager

What do you do at Panther Labs?

I work on the detections team creating new features around Panther’s ability to detect threats.

How long have you been at Panther Labs? 

Since August 2021

What’s the most exciting part of your day to day work? 

It’s great to be able to work on features that will enable our users to do more to keep their companies safe. Whether it is building something for users or making it easier for others to do so, I find helping others to do their best very rewarding.

What has been your key to success at Panther? 

Managing complexity has been the biggest challenge and I think trying to deal with it in a methodical way has been successful for me so far. Panther is raising the bar in terms of what people can expect in terms of customization, speed and so much else. Keeping complexity under control means we can keep building on our platform and do our part to move the industry forward 🙂

What do you feel makes Panther different from other companies you’ve worked at?

Working remotely is definitely different, but the company is focused on making that a great experience, and it shows. 

Who inspires you the most? Why?

If I had to pick one person, probably Cincinnatus. People who don’t know the name might know the story – he was the Roman leader who stepped up as a leader during an invasion and then went back to his small farm once his services we’re no longer needed. To me, he represents two values I try to strive for: 1) making serving others part of doing what you love and 2) living your values even if it means turning down personal gain.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’m a proud Chicago resident and I love biking through all the trails around Chicago in the months where that’s possible :). In the colder months, there’s nothing like having dinner with friends and catching up on the year’s movies.

If you could visit any city in the world, where would it be? Why?

I’d really love to go somewhere that’s on the extreme end of the world. I’m always trying to get friends to go to remote places like Greenland, some of the northern Canadian islands, etc. As for why, I love how diverse and interesting the world is – both geographically and culturally – and I think some of these remote places would feel like you’re on a different planet. 

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