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George Papadrosou
Software Engineer

What do you do at Panther Labs?

Software Engineer. Working on backend systems for the Ingestion team

How long have you been at Panther Labs? 

Since July 1st, 2020

What’s the most exciting part of your day to day work? 

As someone would expect for an engineer, solving complex engineering problems!

What has been your key to success at Panther? 

Ownership and teamwork. Knowing that you can rely on other people as well as be relied upon goes a long way in a rapidly growing organization.

What do you feel makes Panther different from other companies you’ve worked at?

The culture of enormous respect and caring for people, instilled by the CEO and the leadership team, is something I haven’t seen before.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Sport activities always fascinate me. When at home, I would relax by playing video game.

If you could visit any city in the world, where would it be? Why?

Nazare. It’s a small town in Portugal where people surf waves over 20m. I really look forward to watching this live!

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