The Darksaber of Modern SIEM Tools in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Protecting Grogu from the Empire with Legacy SIEM

In a galaxy far, far away, a battle rages on between security engineers and external threats. Security engineer Din Djarin, or Mando for short, has been tasked with protecting Grogu, precious data, from the evil Empire and specific adversaries like Moff Gideon. With the help of his team of security engineers, Bo Katan and Fennec Shand, Mando scours the galaxy for a tool to protect Grogu. But all he finds are non-upgraded Beskar armor, a weak single-shot IB-94 blaster, an unresponsive IG-11 droid, and a clunky Razor Craft starship that’s hard to maintain and find parts for.

Discovering the Darksaber of Modern SIEM Tools

Then Mando discovers Panther, a flexible and powerful weapon that can be compared to the legendary Darksaber. Panther provides security teams with new, one-of-a-kind tools for protection, cutting through any Imperial attack, bringing to light and hunting for threats lurking in the shadows, and fully alerting against strong adversaries like Moff Gideon.

Mando and his team have been using legacy SIEM tools, which lack the flexibility and agility required to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. The slow query times and poor responsiveness have led to an average detection time of over 200 days, leaving security teams behind potential intruders. The legacy SIEM tools simply can’t keep up with the overwhelming amount of data produced at cloud scale.

Panther’s Superior Features 

The only solution is a move away from legacy SIEM to a modern SIEM like Panther, which provides ease and flexibility for security teams to adapt to the ever-changing AWS attack surface. 

Panther ingests, normalizes, and structures your logs as it’s being streamed in. As soon as the data is logging into an S3 bucket, security teams can connect that bucket to Panther, and logs will begin streaming in a few minutes after the integration is complete.

Panther’s parsing engine then utilizes schema to structure and type the ingested data into JSON, which is then normalized to a cleaner format. This allows for easier analysis and identification of potential threats.

Additionally, Panther enriches the incoming data with helpful fields such as timestamps and log types, as well as common indicators of compromise (IoCs). These logs can be utilized with Panther’s indicator search feature to run IoC-based investigations and can be utilized with detections as well. Once ingested, detections are applied to the incoming log data. These rules are written in Python and can be applied out of the box or customized by a security team.

Panther’s serverless architecture ensures high performance and storage scalability, as it ingests logs from sources like CloudTrail without the need for security teams to develop their own infrastructure. Panther is built on AWS Lambda’s that scale up and down automatically based on the needs of the moment. By separating compute from storage, Panther is able to query historical AWS events extremely quickly and allows for correlation between AWS and non-AWS log sources across the technology stack.

With the ability to leverage developer-centric workflows to create, manage, test, and deploy detections, Panther decreases the time to create a new rule from weeks to days or even hours. This Detection-as-Code approach enables security teams to respond to threats quickly and efficiently, ensuring the safety of valuable data.

Panther is the Darksaber of modern SIEM tools

In the end, Mando and his team choose Panther as their go-to security tool.

With Panther, they can rest assured that Grogu and other valuable data are protected against any external threats. Panther truly is the Darksaber of modern SIEM tools. Panther provides security teams with new, one-of-a-kind tools for protection against any external threats. With Panther, teams can adapt to the ever-changing attack surface, allowing for quicker and more efficient threat detection and response.

Just like Mando and his team, choose Panther as your go-to security tool, and rest assured that your valuable data is protected against any external threats.  Request a demo to learn how Panther is the Darksaber of modern SIEM tools.

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