Announcing Panther: A Cloud-Native, Continuous Security Monitoring Platform

With the rising adoption of cloud computing, companies can build and scale their businesses faster than ever. However, the downside of the cloud’s widespread adoption is the dispersion of data and an increased attack surface. To stay safeguarded in the cloud, security teams need more power, flexibility, and visibility than ever.

Cloud-based breaches are becoming a regular occurrence. As a result, companies are not only suffering multi-million dollar lawsuits, but more importantly incurring irreparable brand damage as consumers lose trust in their ability to protect their data.

Staffing a security monitoring team in-house is challenging, and the tools available today are cost-prohibitive, slow, and cumbersome to manage at scale. However, cloud technology can empower businesses in new ways to mitigate these issues and pave the way for the next phase of security tooling.

Today we are excited to launch Panther: a powerful, cloud-native, continuous security monitoring platform!

Panther’s mission is to empower security teams of any size to understand and protect their cloud environments with a best-in-class and modern solution.

Why Panther?

We are a team of experienced security experts who have lived these challenges and built solutions for Airbnb, Amazon, and other large companies. After years of learning, we have created a platform that is:

  1. Simple, yet Powerful: Transparent, deterministic, and fully customizable.
  2. Scalable: Built on scalable serverless technology to support organizations of any size.
  3. Fast: Onboard quickly and receive alerts in minutes, not hours.
  4. Holistic: Combine infrastructure and log analysis into a single platform.


To distill the concepts above into features, Panther provides a unified platform with:

Continuous Monitoring

  1. Analyzeyour cloud infrastructure in real-time.
  2. Enforce security best practices, detect misconfigurations, create a strong baseline, and uphold compliance standards such as PCI DSS, CIS, or SOC 2.

Powerful Analysis

  1. Harness Python to write and test your own custom rules for detecting threats and insecure infrastructure using the Panther UI or locally with the panther_cli.
  2. Utilize 100+ built-in policies written by our cloud security experts to harden infrastructure and enforce best practices.
  3. Retroactively analyze all of your cloud resources when policies are added, modified, or deleted.


  1. Alert your team with actionable messages right when issues are identified.
  2. Integrate into existing workflows such as Slack, Jira, PagerDuty, and more.

Flexible Deployment

Panther can be setup as either a SaaS application or within your own AWS Cloud with AWS CloudFormation.

Getting Started

Panther is the most powerful, secure, end-to-end cloud security monitoring platform that offers unmatched levels of performance, simplicity, and scalability to support teams of any size.

If you are looking to empower your organization’s cloud security and monitoring capabilities, Run Panther.

Request a demo today!

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