Reflecting on what makes Panther a “Great Place to Work”

When our executive team learned that Panther Labs was being recognized as a Great Place to Work, we felt proud and humbled. We have worked incredibly hard to build the kind of company where 96% of employees describe the company as a great place to work, and even more importantly, a place where 100% of our team agree that they look forward to coming to work here. 

When we reflected on what makes Panther so special, it comes down to our core values of Be an Owner, Move Fast, and Take Care of the Team. By emphasizing Be an Owner, we empower our employees to see what is working, and just as critically where we can get better. We bring the same zeal for ownership to both our product and our internal processes. As a cutting edge cybersecurity company, our Move Fast value ensures that we are consistently delivering product enhancements for our customers and that we are hearing and responding to feedback from our employees, trying new things, and consistently iterating. Finally, everything comes together in our Take Care of the Team value, where leaders are expected to get to know everyone on their team personally, and to be invested in the success of the individual, not just the success of the business. 

On this year’s Great Places to Work Certification Nation Day, we are celebrating, but we are looking forward, and thinking about what we need to be doing now to ensure that our employees continue to feel deeply connected to our values and our culture as we continue our dramatic growth in 2022.

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