Panther Users Can Now Seamlessly Leverage Powerful Data Pipeline Features 

Panther is excited to share that we now integrate with, enabling Panther users to leverage’s powerful data pipeline features. was created to help Security and DevOps teams solve their biggest telemetry problems. Using Artificial Intelligence, optimizes and transforms data from any source and routes it to the destinations where it has the most value. 

Panther users can now leverage to streamline data ingestion for particularly challenging data sources, making collecting all critical security data into Panther more straightforward. uses unique machine learning-based models specific to each data type to transform data into the schema used by the destination tool in real-time, all within the stream. Regardless of how the data comes into, it leaves properly formatted and routed to Panther. 

One commonly tricky data source to collect into a SIEM is on-prem logs, like ZScaler and Palo Alto Network Firewalls. To help ingest these into Panther, pipelines can be installed on-prem where your data resides. Transform modules convert data to the desired format and can be routed to a cloud SIEM through an HTTP source or AWS S3. can enrich logs with sentiment analysis to help prioritize the most meaningful events. It can also enrich logs with Threat Intel or Geo-IP to add event context and speed up SIEM queries. helps protect sensitive data by automatically detecting and masking or obfuscating it, even if it’s in an unexpected field. Data enrichment and PII detection are done in real-time as the data moves through an pipeline on its way to Panther.’s powerful data pipeline enables Panther users to streamline their data ingestion and manipulate it with filters, enrichment, and transformations to improve their SIEM data hygiene and unlock immense security value. By summarizing normal, less interesting events, can dramatically reduce costs by reducing the amount of data stored in your SIEM index and ease the compute burden. Panther users can start using’s data pipeline features following these steps

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