Panther Labs Raises $4.5M to Push Cloud Security Forward

Panther exists to help businesses stay secure in the cloud-first world by providing a powerful, next-generation, cloud-native alternative to traditional SIEM platforms.

Panther is an early-stage cybersecurity startup founded in San Francisco by Jack Naglieri and incubated at S28 Capital. Today, the company has completed a $4.5M series seed financing co-led by S28 Capital and Innovation Endeavors, with participation from Fathom Capital and 645 Ventures to push cloud security forward.

The company’s founding team is comprised of security practitioners that have spent years building solutions for companies such as Airbnb and Amazon, and have now come together to build a new platform based on their learnings.

“The authenticity of the team is remarkable. Panther is building an engineering-first security company to enable engineers to take the problem of security in their own hands. Even though several cybersecurity tools seem to exist, organizations are still struggling with the core problems. Panther is here to change that.” – Shvet Jain, Partner at S28 Capital

Security teams today struggle with hiring specialized engineers to uphold their cloud posture, scaling to meet new demands, and effectively detecting vulnerabilities and ongoing attacks. Panther provides a flexible yet intuitive security platform for defending against the increasingly sophisticated attacks on cloud infrastructure seen in recent years.

“We are thrilled to co-lead Panther’s seed round, alongside S28. Having previously built cloud-native security tools at some of the world’s leading tech companies, Panther’s team not only has a truly unique insight into the cybersecurity market and the needs of modern SecOps engineers, but they have also solved profound technical challenges around managing data and infrastructure at scale, creating a product that is effortless to deploy and use.” – Harpinder Singh, Partner at Innovation Endeavors

Panther provides continuous cloud security and remediation at any scale and is currently in preview for select companies. Key features include:

  • Cloud-Native Architecture: Serverless platform built for extreme scale
  • Simple and Powerful Rules: Leverage 100+ detections crafted by our security experts, or write your own with Python
  • Holistic Approach: Strengthen infrastructure and detect intrusions in real-time across any number of accounts from a unified dashboard

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Interested in a career in cybersecurity engineering? Check out Panther’s available job listings here.

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