Join Panther’s Founder and CEO Jack Naglieri for a Community AMA!

If you’ve ever wanted to chat with one of the security industry’s leading detection engineering experts and the founder and CEO of Panther, now’s your chance! 

On September 22, 2022 12-1 pm Pacific time, we’ll be holding an “ask me anything” (AMA) session with Jack Naglieri in the Panther Community Slack. Everyone is welcome to join in and chat directly with Jack and other community members during the event. 

Jack is a security practitioner turned entrepreneur. He experienced the pains of detecting security breaches at scale and built Panther to solve these problems. Jack’s exposure to security began as an incident responder at companies like Yahoo, where he worked in vast, challenging infrastructures. Out of necessity, Jack learned software engineering and DevOps to deploy security tools at scale to collect pertinent data for identifying breaches. He later joined Airbnb and built an open-source framework that enabled security teams to analyze data with Python, without the need to manage servers. This project was called StreamAlert and became very widely adopted in the security community. 

With those learnings, Jack founded Panther to build an enterprise-grade solution with the goal of providing a platform with speed, scale, and flexibility for security teams with cloud-based environments. 

You can submit your questions before the event using this form to help ensure that the topics you’re interested in are covered. Community members will also be able to ask questions directly during the AMA.

To add the AMA to your Google Calendar, click here. If you’re not already a member of the Panther Community, click here to sign up.

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