Connect with Panther Users and Security Experts in the Panther Community

Are you looking for a place to learn more about detections-as-code and talk with security experts about how they protect their environments? If so, come check out our new Panther Slack Community, which we launched late last month!

The Panther Community is a place where you can share knowledge like detection code, indicators of compromise, and other threat intel, and discuss Panther best practices as well as connect with security experts. We want this new Slack space to mirror the customizable nature of Panther.

The Community’s membership includes security engineers and analysts from our customers as well as developers and security engineers on the Panther team.

How to Join

The Community is open to everyone with an interest in security with a particular focus on Panther users and practices. If you’d like to join, fill out this form and we’ll send you an invite! We recommend using a personal email address for your account so you can retain access across organizations.

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