Harnessing the Power of Data Lake Search and DaC for Crypto Mining Malware Detection and Investigation

Panther’s new search experience enables practitioners to leverage disparate data sources in an approachable way, driving fast and effective malware investigations.


In the complex landscape of cybersecurity, staying a step ahead of emerging threats such as crypto mining malware is vital. The introduction of modern, powerful tools and practices such as Cloud-Native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems with Detections as Code (DaC) are transforming the way security professionals combat these threats. In this context, Panther’s new data lake search is setting a new standard for investigating malware incidents.

In this blog, we delve into how Panther, with its blend of software development principles and user-friendly search experiences, aids security practitioners in detecting, investigating, and remediating crypto-mining malware threats. We will discuss the inherent advantages and the incredible value these features bring to the table, especially when combined with a cost-effective, high-scale security data lake.

DaC: A Game-Changer in Emerging Malware Threat Detection

Detection as Code (DaC) represents a significant shift in malware detection, applying software engineering principles to cybersecurity. It allows security teams to define, manage, and evolve their malware detection rules and logic in code, fostering collaboration, version control, and automation.

Here are some key functional benefits that DaC enables:

  1. Agile Detection Rule Development: DaC allows security teams to develop, test, and deploy detection rules quickly, facilitating the rapid detection and mitigation of malware. Version control systems ensure accuracy and consistency in rules.
  2. Customization: DaC allows you to customize detection rules according to your organization’s unique needs, ensuring a tailored defense strategy for malware.
  3. Scalability: Traditional SIEMs may struggle to scale with growing data volumes. Cloud-native SIEMs are built to efficiently handle massive data streams while providing real-time detection across infrastructure that may be susceptible to malware attacks.
  4. Integration: SIEMs specializing in DaC integrate seamlessly with your existing DevOps and infrastructure-as-code pipelines, ingraining security throughout your technology stack.

Interactive Search: Simplifying Crypto Mining Malware Investigations

Crypto-mining malware attacks are rapidly rising among the broader malware threat landscape, demanding a nuanced investigative approach. After being alerted to a potential crypto mining malware incident, it is critical to quickly investigate what is happening and understand the broader context to contain the damage. When investigating crypto mining malware you need to identify high resource utilization, search for connections to known crypto mining pools, and trace the activity back to possible compromised credentials or an internal threat actor. This rarely involves searching a single log type. It typically requires in-depth cross-log analysis. Panther’s Security Data Lake Search combined with Panther’s enriched fields enhance practitioners’ abilities to search across log types effectively. Our intuitive search experience empowers security teams with:

  1. Real-Time Analysis: Analysts gain efficiency by searching data in real-time without SQL, enabling swift investigation and threat hunting based on detection rules or publicly disclosed indicators of compromise.
  2. No Learning Curve: With traditional SIEMs, writing and executing queries can be complex. Interactive search simplifies this process, making searches accessible to everyone without intimate knowledge of syntax or schema.
  3. Faster Insights: The interactive search results offer instant feedback, accelerating the malware investigation process. Security analysts can quickly refine their searches, reducing response times.
  4. Enhanced Collaboration: The easy-to-use search experience encourages collaboration between security and non-security teams. When anyone can search and analyze data, it becomes a valuable resource for IT, compliance, and business intelligence functions.

These capabilities are made possible by using the highly scalable architecture provided by Snowflake’s Data Lake. Sourcing data across network, application, system, and IAM logs (to name a few) is vital for modern security teams. Panther’s new data lake Search with the flexibility of Snowflake makes this data accessible and easy to use.


In the constantly evolving world of cybersecurity, Panther is redefining the fight against malware threats like crypto mining with the help of Detection as Code and interactive search experiences. While enabling the agile development and deployment of detection rules, Panther also democratizes data analysis across the organization.

As you strategize your security measures, consider the potential benefits of these solutions. In a world where new cyber threats can emerge rapidly, having the right tools and an accessible search experience can make a world of difference. Embrace the future of malware detection with Panther’s Cloud-Native, Detection as Code SIEM and unlock new possibilities in cybersecurity.

Learn more about Panther’s enhanced data lake search features and watch a crypto mining investigation in action with Panther’s Webinar: Detecting & Investigating Cloud Crypto Mining

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