Going Closed Source

Today, we are announcing that Panther Community Edition is being sunset, with v1.16 as our last open-source release

Two-plus years ago when Panther was founded, our vision was to build a flourishing open-source community supported by a thriving business. Although moving to a closed-source development methodology is a difficult decision, we firmly believe that making this change now will result in a simpler product offering that delivers a better experience for our customers. 

Our goal as a business is to have the highest impact across the greatest number of organizations. Security teams are struggling to keep up with rapidly increasing attack surfaces and huge volumes of data. By focusing our efforts on delivering an excellent experience to customers via SaaS, we can help teams more quickly use Panther to secure their organization rather than deploying, managing, and upgrading. 

We understand you and your organization may be impacted by this decision. Here are a few ways we intend to help: 

  • Support for Panther CE for the next 3 months via Slack
  • Troubleshooting and migration guidance
  • Introductory price discounts and migration help to Panther SaaS

If you have questions or are interested in trying Panther SaaS, request a demo. We’d love to continue serving you!

Thank you for being a part of Panther’s journey, we’re excited to continue building something great together. 

Jack Naglieri
Founder & CEO


Which existing open source software will Panther continue to maintain? 

The Panther Analysis Tool and our Panther Analysis repo, containing detections, schemas, packs, and more will remain open source. The only open source software that will be archived and no longer maintained is the core Panther Community repository.

Can I still contribute log schemas, rules, or policies?

Yes! The Panther Analysis repo will remain open source and we will continue to gladly accept contributions.

How long will Panther support its previous open source releases?

We will continue to support the last release of Panther Community Edition (v1.16) for the next 3 months via Slack. This includes troubleshooting, basic support, and migration guidance to Panther SaaS.

Instead of Github, where should I go to open new issues, like bugs? 

To report issues or bugs, send us an email at [email protected] or ping us on our community Slack channel.

Where will release notes and assets be published for future releases? 

Future releases will be posted on our website at, https://panther.com/releases, and will include new features, information on bug fixes, and assets like compiled helper tools.

How does this impact my CI/CD-driven detection workflows?  

CI/CD workflows will remain exactly the same as they are today. Both the Panther Analysis Tool and the Panther Analysis repository will remain open source and available for our community.

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