Collaborate with Confidence: Monitor Notion Audit Logs with Panther

Panther is excited to announce an integration between Notion and Panther that takes your data security to a new level. Taking less than 5 minutes to set up, this integration seamlessly bridges the gap between your Notion workspace and Panther’s robust monitoring capabilities.. While your team collaborates effortlessly in Notion, Panther monitors your Notion activity logs, alerting your security team to potential threats like suspicious logins, permission updates, workspace pages being made public, or access changes. With just a few clicks you can fortify your digital workspace, giving your security team unparalleled visibility and your organization peace of mind.

Out of the Box Detections

Protect Against Data Exfiltration and Unauthorized Access

Panther’s out of the box detections monitor Notion for potential threats like a user exporting data that should not leave your Notion workspace or workspace pages being made public. Whether it’s an entire workspace export or a large volume of pages, you will be alerted in near-real time. You can configure the number of pages required to trigger an alert to avoid false positives and tune out extra noise. Additionally, new guest additions to your pages can be flagged for review.

Early Warning System for Account Takeovers

Account takeovers can have devastating consequences. With Panther you have a powerful early warning system in place. You’ll be alerted if any account credentials are tampered with shortly after login. This means that changes to email addresses or passwords are immediately flagged, allowing you to ensure that accounts aren’t being compromised. By catching a bad actor before they have a chance to act, you’re always one step ahead in safeguarding your Notion workspace.

Identify Suspicious Logins in Real Time

Suspicious logins are a common security concern, and Panther’s integration flags them in near-real time. Whether it’s impossible travel between two IP addresses or activity from a potentially suspicious IP, Panther is always keeping a watchful eye. By filtering out known IPs like those from your office locations, Panther minimizes false positives. For legitimate but unusual logins you can quickly get in touch with the user to confirm whether the login was genuine, thus maintaining a strong security posture without unnecessary disruption.

How to Get Started

Getting started with the Notion and Panther integration is fast and easy. Begin by setting up the integration in Panther and then connecting it to your Notion workspace, following our simple step-by-step instructions. From there, you’ll have instant access to Panther’s out of the box detection pack, offering real-time protection against a range of security threats to keep your team’s work secure. Learn how to setup the integration and tune your out of the box detections with Panther’s documentation!

With this integration, you and your team can work confidently in Notion, knowing that your data and workspace are safeguarded against potential threats. Armed with Panther’s real-time detection engine and normalized data lake, your security team can identify and neutralize threats quickly. 

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