Visualize Your AWS Cloud Security Posture with Charts and Graphs

Quickly evaluate important cloud security metrics for your organization


We have updated the design of our charts and graphs in the Panther UI to help you more quickly understand your AWS Cloud Security posture. Pre-built metrics include information about your failing policies and their severity, total policies in aggregate, and the health of your connected cloud resources.


Visualizations can help you monitor the efficacy of your cloud security initiatives and identify new and recurring patterns that may require further action.

How does this impact you?

With the updated design of Cloud Security charts and graphs, you can:

  • Identify high-level trends about your resource health.
  • Monitor policy progress over time
  • Review valuable insights regarding the overall security posture of your organization.


We have updated the design of bar charts and graphs in the Panther UI to help you quickly evaluate important metrics for Cloud Security.

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